Explanation of terms as used on this page

Terms & conditions- refer to the contents of this page.

Online writing firm, writing website, online writing company, company, firm, website- Refer to aceressays.com

We, us- Refer to this company

Client, customer- Refer to anyone who has expressed interest in the products that aceressays.com offers

Order- Denotes a paid request by a client to this firm. It can also refer to securing or making such a request on this company.

Writer- Any qualified individual who aceressays.com has contracted to offer writing services in line with his/her area of expertise.

Editor – Any person who this company has hired to offer editing services

Order revision- The process of modifying the final product in line with the initial instructions of the customer.

Placing an order

It is the duty of the client to initiate the ordering process. The client can do this by filling in the order form. Alternatively, he/she can use the chat forum to request the client support guidance on how to go about this process.

The customer is advised to be keen while filling in the order form. This is because the final product that the client will receive is based on the details that he/she provides in this form.

To enjoy some of the products offered by this company, the client may have to create a profile. The customer must comply with this prompt, or otherwise, he/she may not be able to access such products.

Paying for the order

Any product that the client orders on this website must be paid for in advance. Any order that has not been paid for in full will be considered incomplete. Any order that has been marked as incomplete will not be executed not until the client pays in full the full amount.

This company will not be responsible for any damage that the client may suffer as a result of an incomplete order.

To pay for the ordered product, the client must use the available payment methods on this platform. While we do not endorse any payment partner, we try our level best to ensure that the payment methods that we have availed to our customers are safe and effective. However, we cannot be held liable in the event that the client suffers any harm when utilizing the services of such payment partners.

It is the duty of the client to ensure that the transaction is successful when making an order. If a transaction fails, the order will be marked as incomplete, and it will not be processed.

Order volume

For pricing purposes, the ordered product is measured in terms of pages. One double-spaced page refers to 275 words. For a single-spaced page, this changes to 550 words. The client must indicate the order volume when completing the order form.

Delivery time

This company has the responsibility of delivering the ordered product on or before the requested time. However, it is important to note that the indicated delivery time is only an estimate, and as such, the company may fail to adhere to it strictly.

Order delivery

There are two ways through which you can receive the ordered product. One of such ways is through e-mail. The other one is by downloading it on your customer user area. The client must provide the correct contact information. The company cannot be held liable for any harm that the client might suffer as a result of incorrect contact information.

Use of the ordered product

Aceressays.com owns the copyright of the entire products generated by this company. Subsequently, the client cannot submit the ordered product as if it was his/her own, whether in full or partially. All the products generated by this company are supposed to serve as a guide to help students generate their own work.

Any breach of any of these terms and conditions will result in the cancellation of your contract with this company.

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