In the interest of good faith and cultivating trust in our company, we offer a money-back guarantee. There are some unique conditions when you can get a refund when ordering for our services. This page outlines the guidelines for getting money back at

Cancellation of an order

It is possible to cancel an order on this website. While this is true, it is only under a few unique circumstances that you will get a refund. These circumstances are highlighted below:

  • When you mistakenly order more similar orders than you need. If you place more orders than you had anticipated, you can initiate a refund process. The firm is open to refund you for the extra orders you do not need, provided that working on such orders is yet to commence. When making such a refund, the firm shall deduct the transaction fee. This process will also take fourteen business days from the day the refund process is initiated.
  • Cancelling an order after changing your mind. Sometimes a client might want to cancel an order as its use no longer exists. In such a scenario, the amount to be refunded will be determined by the effort the writer or editor has put in place in executing the order. If the writer/editor has yet to begin working on the order, the client can get a full refund minus the transaction costs. This type of refund must be initiated within 24 hours of placing the order.


Should you pay more than the quoted amount for your order, you are entitled to a refund. When refunding the overpaid amount, the transaction costs shall be deducted.


On this website, we guarantee clients plagiarism-free work. Subsequently, you are entitled to a full refund if you receive a plagiarized paper. For such a refund request to be processed, you must provide proof of traces of plagiarism in your work. The similarity index of the received order must be of an unacceptable level for you to receive a refund.

Substandard product

At this company, we have put in place the relevant measures to ensure that the quality of work that we offer to our clients is of acceptable quality. However, if you receive a paper that you feel is way below your level of study, you can initiate the refund process. While initiating a refund process on this ground, you must cite specific examples in the received order proving that it is of poor quality. For instance, you can indicate that the writer clearly didn’t follow instructions.

Before initiating the refund process on the ground of poor quality work, you must first give the writer/editor a chance to revise it. If even after revision, the work is of unacceptable quality, you can now request a refund.

Please note that you cannot initiate a refund claim based on scoring a poor grade. Many factors determine the grade that a student scores, and as such, we do not guarantee good grades.

Late delivery of an order

We are responsible for ensuring that we deliver your ordered product on or before the set deadline. We consider the indicated delivery time to be only an estimate. As such, you should allow up to 24 hours after the delivery date has lapsed before considering the order to be late.

Please note that we cannot compensate a client on this ground if the delayed delivery is occasioned by:

  • The client not paying for the order on time
  • Failure of the client to provide the necessary materials required to execute the order.
  • The inability of the client to download the completed order due to any technical difficulties.
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